RSBE (Remove Shoes Before Entering)

RSBE (2020) is a follow-up to SPEED DATING TONIGHT! It is structured in a similar way--very, very flexible. But the premise is deeper, allowing for a bit more emotional range than a series of quick dates. It also has a bit more ensemble singing in it--just enough to make sure everyone stays involved. It's already been done seven times, despite the pandemic. The premise is that a professor and a group of students visit a mysterious, abandoned building. It is full of stuff, and when they interact with it, they remember important incidents in their lives.

To download the perusal score, go to my blog and click on the link on the righthand column. 

RSBE was commissioned by the University of Alabama (thank you Paul Houghtaling and Laurie Rogers). There are a few excerpts from RSBE here if you want to whet your appetite.